Nathan BrittonSTAND Director

    Nathan Britton joined the staff at Haycock in November of 2023 as the Director of the STAND program. Nathan is married to Katrina and they have six children: Isaac, Josiah, Adoniah, Silas, Hosanna, and Micah. Both Nathan and Katrina love the outdoors and wilderness adventures, fostered by various camp experiences throughout their lives. Nathan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before coming to Haycock, Nathan spent ten years in pastoral ministry and three years in construction. God has used Nathan’s background to grow in him a passion for discipling. Nathan loves helping young men grow in the faith, training them to use the skills and gifts God has given them in practical ways, and to be the men God desires.

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