STAND (Year-long Discipleship Program)


1 Corinthians 16:13-14: Be on the alert, STAND firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

What is STAND?

Stand is a life-changing discipleship opportunity for young men at Haycock Camping Ministries.  The Stand program begins with a year-long internship.  The goal of this year of intense discipleship is to spur young men on to a life of faithful love and service to God, their families, their churches, their communities, and the world.  Following a year as a Stand Intern, select young men will be invited back to Haycock to continue in the program as Stand Residents. The Stand Discipleship Program fits perfectly with the mission of Haycock and our historical passion of “Growing boys into Godly men”.


Who is eligible to apply for STAND?

Young men ages 18-24 who are believers in Jesus Christ and desire to grow as Godly men and servant-leaders are eligible to be Stand Interns.  Application, references, and an interview are required before admittance into the program.

To serve as a Stand Resident, an applicant must successfully complete his year as a Stand Intern.


What is the advantage of being a STAND Intern?

Taking a year of intentional growth, reflection, and discovery before a major transition in life (often referred to as a gap year) is very prevalent in other parts of the world, and its popularity is increasing in the United States.  This internship year will be a time for a young man to mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically before he makes successful transitions to college, the work force, the mission field, trade school, or whatever the Lord has planned for them next.


What will a STAND Intern experience in a year?

  • Be challenged in teaching, relationships, and service experiences to grow as a Man of God
  • Earn 14 college credits.
  • Be an essential part of running camp programs and managing camp facilities as Haycock strives to fulfill our mission of providing Christ-centered camping experiences that lead people to Jesus Christ and train them to serve Him.
  • Be active throughout the year in a local, Bible-teaching church body.
  • Be discipled one-on-one by a member of Haycock’s leadership team.
  • Take part in regularly scheduled group and individual Bible/book studies on topics such as theology, Biblical traits of manhood, marriage/family, Biblical life skills, and more.
  • Have fun with other young men through wilderness experiences and enjoying life together at camp.
  • Experience a year of strong Christian community and encouragement.
  • Complete a personalized educational plan (college credits, GED completion, etc).
  • Assess areas of gifting, interest, and skill set in preparation for future calling/vocation.
  • In the Fall Session (September – December), participants will intentionally focus on developing the character of a Godly man and pursuing this as a life-long goal. This session will also include a focus on personal discipline in all areas of life, educational opportunities, a backpacking trip, and daily physical training as the interns work towards the goal of completing a half or full marathon.
  • In the Spring Session (January – May), interns will take part in an overseas and local mission’s trip and engage in service opportunities beyond their roles at camp. The goal of this session is to intentionally focus on understanding and applying the qualities of a servant leader in a variety of settings.  Participants will also have multiple opportunities to job shadow with a local business, church, ministry, company, etc.
  • In the Summer Session (June – August), participants will serve on Haycock’s Summer Staff Team.


What is a STAND Resident?

Stand Residents will be responsible to assist the Stand Director with the implementation of the intern program, reside with and serve as a role model for the Stand Interns, and serve in a variety of roles during Haycock’s year-round programming.  Residents will be expected to help lead and facilitate select aspects of the Stand Intern Program (i.e. mission trips, wilderness trips, mentoring, shadow weeks, exercise training, etc).  They will, however, have flexibility within their schedules to pursue specific classes, training, or job opportunities.  Haycock’s Stand Director will work to coordinate schedules so each Resident can properly balance their responsibilities at Haycock with their individual plans for their future.


What is the cost of STAND?

The cost to participate as a Stand Intern is $6,975 per year (or $775 per month during the Fall and Spring Sessions-from September through May.)  This fee does not include the costs of the Spring Session overseas missions trip – those funds will be raised separately by the interns during the Fall Session.  All housing, utilities, adventure trip costs, educational experiences, and most food costs are covered by this tuition.  If finances are a concern, candidates are encouraged to use their year-round stipend and summer staff compensation to help pay for STAND and/or pursue raising financial support for this exciting ministry opportunity.

*There is no cost to serve as a Stand Resident.


Are STAND Interns and Residents compensated?

On top of free room and board, Interns will receive a $50 monthly stipend for the months of September through May.  During the summer months, interns will be paid the regular wages of the summer staff position for which they are hired.  Stand Residents will receive $1500 per semester (fall and spring) in compensation.


What are the graduation requirements for STAND Interns?

Young men must successfully complete all three sessions to graduate.  Monthly evaluations will be given by Haycock staff to encourage areas of personal growth and responsibility.


What if I am interested in applying for STAND?

Young men who are interested in applying for this program should contact Haycock Camping Ministries to request an application.  Please contact camp at 610-346-7155 or email us at [email protected].  Young men may start the program at the beginning of either the Summer or the Fall Sessions.

Applications for those desiring to start in the summer must be received no later than April 10th.  Those desiring to begin the program in the Fall Session must have their applications in by June 10th.

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